The Samuel Elkins Portrait Photography Workshop

Samuel picked a camera for the first time six years ago and in that time, he has fine tuned his photography skills to turn his passion into a career. The last three of those years have been spent traveling the world and working with some of the most sought after clients like Land Rover, Ugg, and Armani. Learn from the best as Samuel will help you with everything from pre-production to editing to personal business development.

Endless Learning

With over eight hours of interactive video content, you can develop at your own pace. 

Watch Anywhere

With streamable only content, you can watch the workshop whenever you want, on your Desktop or iPhone. Whether you’re on the go and need a quick tip or you’re at home ready for a deep dive, with streamable content, you can watch the workshop whenever you want.

What You Get

The Samuel Elkins Portrait Photography Workshop

Samuel Elkins Photo Workshop
  • Content

    With over 8 hours of interactive video content, both beginners and pros can find something useful.

  • Multiple shooting scenarios

    Watch Sam shoot in five different locations with experienced and inexperienced models and learn how to pose and direct to your liking.

  • Editing

    Follow Sam through the editing process, from raw image to final photo. You’ll learn the basics to create your own preset for every different occasion.

  • Business Development

    To wrap it all together, learn about how you can turn your passion into a career with insight on personal branding, understanding your value, building relationships with brands, and more!

What People Are Saying

Real Photographers with Real Reviews

I am loving the content of this workshop! Even after being in the industry professionally for 18 years, I am one to know I will never know everything and always need to be learning or re-learning. Sam does a great job at how this is broken down and how he presents the information, probably better than any other workshop or course I have purchased. I HAVE learned a few new tidbits that are gems to me, and then I have reinforced a bunch of things that I knew but needed reminders on!

Worth Every Penny

I've been a big supporter of Samuel Elkins for many years now, so I couldn't wait till this workshop was released. As a full-time photographer myself, there was still a lot that I could learn from this workshop. Especially the taxes and reaching out to brands and business development. 
Thanks so much Sam for doing what you do and inspiring myself and many others to keep creating.

Best workshop i've purchased. Defenitley worth the money. I purchased it more for the "business side" but overall learned something in each category. Strongly recommend this for anyone who is wanting to get into photography full time or not. Or just want to learn. Super helpful.

3 Main Categories of the Workshop


Location Scouting, Finding Subjects to shoot with, Mood Boards, Styling, Prep, Working with a team, Gear, Bags, Sourcing Models, Shooting Modes, Manipulating Light, Camera Settings.


Backing up Images, Storage options, Full lightroom walkthrough, Developing your own style, creating presets from scratch, skin tones, export settings, Directing your subjects comfortably.

Business Development

Taxes, Setting yourself up as a business, Working with Brands, Knowing your Value, Being realistic about the work you are creating, Personal Pricing Guide, Hiring People to work as a team, Invoices, Tracking Expenses.

Four Different Shooting Scenarios

  • Shoot 1 : Indoor

    Learn how Sam Goes about shooting indoors, and utilizing natural window light.

  • Shoot 2 : Mountains

    Learn How Samuel shoots with a Car and multiple models in the Mountains of Santa Barbara./

  • Shoot 3 : Sunset

    In this shoot, Samuel shoots at sunset and explains how to direct and pose people who aren't models.

  • Shoot 4 : DTLA

    Watch how Samuel tackles an urban environment, utilizing leading lines, and finding natural light.

What's Included


Included with every purchase is a posing guide, sample pitch deck and a content overview PDF so you can follow along.

Raw Files

Included are 6 RAW files from each of the shoots, so you can follow along and edit with Sam.

6 Lightroom CC Presets

Watch Sam develop an editing style for each shoot, then save as a preset for you to follow along with.