Editing with Sam Elkins, How to develop a consistent look and feel to your work.

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For most people in 2020, the concept of editing your own photos from scratch and developing your own personal style in a sea of presets, confusing youtube videos and really no good definitive guide is almost impossible. In this online lesson, I will be showing you how to craft your own unique editing style and approach, and show you my own unique processes for editing and post production workflows. I think for me, editing is a cornerstone of my work, and a really definitive element in my images. I believe that for any good artist, a process is just as important.

10 Modules / 2 Hours of Content

In This Lesson we will learn : 
  • Why getting your shot right in camera is so important 
  • The basics of importing and culling images
  • Lightroom and Capture1 Workflows
  • Skin tones, how to achieve the tones you are looking for
  • A full breakdown of each panel in lightroom and what each element does to your image
  • Tone Curve
  • HSL
  • Basic Adjustments : Shadows, Highlights, Blacks, Whites
  • Export and Sizing Settings for Web, Instagram, Etc.
  • Editing multiple collections of images, from start to finish
    • One Lifestyle Collection
    • One Commercial Shoot
  • Showing you how to maintain a consistent look and feel across multiple camera brands 
    • Nikon
    • Fuji
    • Canon
    • Leica
    • Sony
    • Pentax
    • Panasonic
    • DJI

Customer Reviews

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Alain Balsiger
simply fundamentals

Love to Edit with Samuel. Its a very simple workflow but it help me a lot for my commercial work.

Justin Alba
Amazing and Insightful


Cam Liu (@cxmliu)

I've been following Sam's work for quite some time now, so when I saw that he released a workshop on his processes for shooting and editing photos, I knew I wanted to cop. After viewing the course, I have to admit that I was expecting a bit more depth and conciseness. I sometimes felt like he didn't quite fully justify or explain why he was making certain adjustments, aside from the fact that he liked the look of it. Apart from that, it was really interesting to see Sam's simplistic approach to editing, as well as exporting and organising his files. Highly recommend this course to any beginner/growing photographer :)

Marcus Ruiz

Lesson was presented in a very clear and concise manner. It was definitely easy to understand and I appreciate Sam's approach to photo editing. Be that as it may, at times Sam's presentation felt uninteresting. I am not sure if it's his monotone voice or me having some experience with photo-editing. Not sure. Nonetheless, my take two takeaways were, getting it right in camera first and keeping to editing subtle with a structured approach.

William Ramsay

This is a learn by example type of course, and I actually find that works pretty well. He narrates his editing of a lot of photos which helped to see the overall workflow. Also seeing how a variety of shots responded to edits emphasized the importance of good raw files, but at the same time, it showed how a good feel for the tone curve and HSL sliders can create a surprisingly cohesive look from a wide variety of shots. I also appreciate that he didn't hold back on instructing how he gets the certain look in his photos that I enjoy so much. If there was anything I wanted more of, it would be a deeper dive on one or two particular photos to talk about the technical and emotional elements that give a photo an authentic look, which I believe is one of Sam's strengths.