Samuel Elkins Photo Workshop

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Over 7 hours of interactive video content including : 


Location Scouting, Finding Subjects to shoot with, Mood Boards, Styling, Prep, Working with a team, Gear, Bags, Sourcing Models, Shooting Modes, Manipulating Light, Camera Settings. 


Backing up Images, Storage options, Full lightroom walkthrough, Developing your own style, creating presets from scratch, skin tones, export settings, Directing your subjects comfortably.


Business Development

Taxes, Setting yourself up as a business, Working with Brands, Knowing your Value, Being realistic about the work you are creating, Personal Pricing Guide, Hiring People to work as a team, Invoices, Tracking Expenses.

Customer Reviews

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Cannot recommend enough!

This course came at just the right time in my photography journey. I am thoroughly enjoying it! Sam does a great job of breaking down nearly everything in his workflow.

Informative and Helpful

This workshop was very helpful I feel like since completely it gave my photography the push to really take it to the next level.

The business portion was very helpful it really helped give some insight into the industry and hopefully with the new knowledge from it I'll be able to dive in as a freelance photographer fulltime

Informative and Simplified

I really enjoyed this workshop. Some things I knew but needed to be reminded of and it felt good to see it from another's perspective. I love the simple and effective approach to things. Understanding the breakdown to each scenario.

I will say I wish there was some insight or examples on how to get what many photographers call that "perfect" or "correct" exposure. It's amazing that he shared some RAW files, the presets made, and even explained why he chose to make certain edits so we can understand instead of just copying. I really appreciated that. Though it all happens before we even make it back to our computer. That's why I was hoping on how to have consistency with exposure. So many different shooting styles, that the "correct" exposure is different for everyone. So many factors are put into that, so I can see why it's hard to explain in great detail. Sam did share some thought and I really appreciated. He explained why he would make the temperature of the photo warmer, raise his shutter speed, and maybe open up the aperture. It's just going to take practice and getting out there to shoot.

I will definitely be investing in the next workshop.

The investment that you need !

The workshop is really helpful for those who just started Portrait photography! It is definitely worth the money! Every content is made to help you to become a better photographer, 100% would recommend this workshop !!

It’ll Pay Off

Even though it was “a bit pricey” as people say, overall this workshop is hands down the best bang for your buck. Regardless if you have a ton of experience or none at all with photography, you’ll get something out of it. It’ll pay off in the end. Great job Sam and thanks again for all that you do.